Monday, July 5, 2010


On Wednesday, July 7th, our sweet baby doll will be turning ONE! That feels strange to type, let alone to say. It just seems impossible! This year has been such a blessing and I am so thankful that God has been so gracious to let us raise our Adorable Alivia!!
She quite possibly could be the most spoiled thing to ever hit the Earth, but we all think that's okay! No matter what she does, one of her brothers is right by her side! Quinton and Weston adore her and it has been that way since the day she arrived! I keep waiting for the tide to change and for her to be the "pest" that all little sisters become (haha), but for right now, she has body guards and endless entertainment wherever she goes!

We love you SO much Alivia!
Happy 1st Birthday!


The Graves Gang said...

All your kids are soooo adorable! You are one blessed momma & they are so blessed to have you as their mom!

Amanda said...

I absolutely love the pictures! They are beautiful!